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Date: 2020.10.10, 00:00


Les billets pour le concert prévu le samedi 10 octobre 2020 à 20h seront valables pour le concert du dimanche 10 octobre 2021 à 20h. Les billets pour le concert prévu le dimanche 11 octobre 2020 à 19h seront valables pour le concert du mardi 12 octobre 2021 à 20h. Les billets pour le concert prévu le mardi 13 octobre 2020 à 20h seront valables pour le concert du mercredi 13 octobre 2021 à 20h. ELTON JOHN EN CONCERT - ACCORHOTELS ARENAElton John a révélé les premières dates françaises de sa tournée Farewell Yellow Brick Road tant attendue. Au cours de la tournée française, Elton John repassera par des salles qu'il a fréquentées pendant sa carrière extraordinaire (l'AccorHotels Arena pour la neuvième et dixième fois), mais il en visitera aussi certaines pour la première fois. Les 76 premières dates ont immédiatement affiché complet, ce qui laisse à penser que cette tournée d'adieu comptera parmi les évènements musicaux les plus courus des trois prochaines années, si ce n'est le plus important. « Je tiens à remercier mes formidables fans pour leur soutien indéfectible tout au long de ma carrière, et plus particulièrement leur souci d'être là pour fêter ma dernière tournée : Farewell Yellow Brick Road, » déclare Elton John. « J'ai tellement hâte que la tournée débute pour voir tout le monde sur les routes. » La tournée Farewell Yellow Brick Road a commencé aux États-Unis le mois dernier. Elle comportera plus de 300 concerts à travers les cinq continents, passant par l'Amérique du Nord, l'Europe, l'Asie, l'Amérique du Sud et l'Australie avant de se terminer en 2021. Ces dates marquent la toute dernière tournée de la superstar et la fin d'un demi-siècle sur la route pour l'un des artistes les plus endurants de la Pop. La nouvelle production d'Elton entraînera ses fans dans une aventure musicale très visuelle couvrant 50 ans d'une carrière incomparable fourmillant de tubes. Elton John visitera les cinq continents et jouera plus de 300 concerts à travers le monde pendant les trois ans que durera la tournée FAREWELL YELLOW BRICK ROAD.


Nom: Elton John

Singer and composer, five-time Grammy winner and recipient of the coveted Grammy Legend Award in 2001. He has sold over 250 million records worldwide, and is also the man behind the best selling single of all time. That song was ‘Candle in the Wind’ and the man in question is of course, Elton John. Right here at Eventful is where you'll find all the latest news on Elton John tour dates 2011, including those much-sought after Elton John Las Vegas shows which will mark the beginning of the star's three-year residency at the famous Colosseum at Caesar's Palace. Known for the electrifying performances, iconic songs and the flawless vocal prowess of the man himself, Elton John tour dates are undoubtedly some of the most eagerly anticipated events on music calendars the world over. Indeed, the most recent Elton John concert schedule which is currently in motion, sees Elton John tour dates taking place everywhere from the U.K, U.S. and Ireland, to Canada, mainland Europe and New Zealand. Music is in his blood. He began playing piano at the age of three, and at just 11 years old, Elton John won a junior scholarship to the prestigious Royal Academy of Music. However, from there, the journey to the top of the charts was neither quick, nor easy. Before the sold out Elton John tour dates of today were but a glimmer in his eye, the star honed his craft and paid his dues, singing in a choir, securing weekly piano / singing gigs in local pubs, and exploring the group and band scene with various other musicians. Indeed, it was from Elton Dean and Long John Baldry - the saxophonist and frontman of ‘Bluesology’ (Elton John’s first band) – that the now legendary star took his stage name. Elton John first met long-time songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin in 1967 after they both responded to a talent-seeking advert in the New Musical Express. At this point in time, the two have collaborated on over 30 albums. When the megastar isn’t devoting all his time and energy to those Elton John tour dates, he is a fierce supporter of AIDS research, having lost many of his own friends to the disease. In 1992, Elton John established his own charity, the Elton John Aids Foundation which now stands today as one of the world’s leading non-profit HIV/AIDS organizations working to promote HIV prevention, as well as providing support for HIV/AIDS sufferers. Elton John is also passionately involved in efforts to rid society of the stigma attached to the disease, as well as the discrimination so often directed towards HIV/AIDS sufferers. Elton John tour dates are a hot ticket item, so don’t miss out – make Eventful YOUR source for all the latest news and up-to-date information on the Elton John tour 2011. Note that the Elton John Las Vegas show run has scheduled sixteen performances only, so get those tickets soon!


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