Nom du lieu: La Cigale
Adresse: 120 bd Rochechouart, Paris 75018

Catégories: Concerts & Tour Dates
Prix: 29 €
Date: 2020.10.30, 19:30


Promoter : The Talent Boutique


Nom: Yelle

French electropop band, Yelle, is bringing back the carefree pop of the 80s and adding their own touches of synthesizers and sarcasm. Though all of their music is sung in French, that hasn't stopped the group's performances on albums and tour dates from becoming a sensation the world over. Yelle has celebrated the success of their latest album, Safari Disco Club, by performing 2011 tour dates since the beginning of the year, and will continue to do so into October. Julie Budet (Yelle) and Jean-François Perrier (GrandMarnier) met in 2000 and quickly bonded over their love of electropop. The first song they created was a dis track of the rap band TTC called "Je Veux Te Voir", which became a huge hit after the duo posted it to their MySpace page. In need of a keyboard player, they recruited journalist Tanguy Destable (Tepr) after he wrote a piece on GrandMarnier. Driven, the trio performed tour dates at night while recording their debut album, Pop Up during the day. Released in 2007, the album featured their previous single and their new hit, "A cause des garçons", while the album received attention from critics and MTV. Yelle toured for three years after the album's release, and only left the road to record their latest album, Safari Disco Club. After achieving success on tour, Yelle was able to devote more time to the album and it has been praised for its expanded sound and production values. With their affinity for touring, Yelle immediately headed back out on the road (or skyway in this case) to perform 2011 tour dates. As of August, Yelle has quite a few more performances before they take a break, including shows in Japon, Germany, and Sweden. For the full list of Yelle's 2011 tour dates, just check their tour schedule on Eventful.


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